Wednesday, August 06, 2008

The irony of it all!

The web has its own dynamics of strangeness: locking us out, when we forget the passwords we invented to keep us "safe."

I started my first Red Hibiscus blog here in 2004. Then, when my memory and my computer's password keeper failed, I was removed from my own internet cottage, and forced to recreate the Red Hibiscus blog here. I kept a new home, added furnishings, and then - yes! - the password, the key to my new blog, got gobbled up, while the door to my original blog reopened!

It's all about flux. Blogger was its own entity, storing the memorabilia, the ramblings and articulations of so many blog nesters until Google came along and voila! Blogger became a tenant of sorts under the Google roof, and all its bloggers became renters to a new owner. Kind of like the mortgage market here.

And if poetics of space has any relation to blog homes, and I think it does, then it seems to me that I felt more intimate here, in my original blog nest. Though having been away for a year or so, it strikes me as much too sultry in its colors, and I'll have to get the paint brush and do some redecorating, before it feels like "home" again.

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