Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Mining the Blog Universe

Since originality is in absentia with me right now, I'm collecting some finds from the blog universe, starting with favorite picks from this Week's WomPo (Women's Poetry listserv) Blog Digest.

  • Anny Ballardini has a great resource for those of us looking for poetry that is high on the image scale, plus several thoughtful paragraphs about the cathartic strength of poetry and poetic imagery. Find it at her blog, NarcissusWorks under the title, "Image."
  • If you've come across a sevenling and not recognized it as a poetic form (invented or at least put to good use by Anna Akhmatova), then head over to Blogalicious, Diane Lockward's blog. She's looking at "invented forms," and includes the sevenling and the anacrostic. Maybe next she'll describe the sonnenizio, which is one of my favorite invented forms.

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Anny Ballardini said...

Thank you, Ann, much appreciated.