Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Celebrate a find!

I came across A Celebration of Women Writers in a Google search for Madame Bianchi (right), the niece of Emily Dickinson.

Lo, I not only found a Dickinson poem, I found Bianchi's entire collection of The Single Hound as well as a link to her Complete Poems of Emily Dickinson - all online and available for reproduction.

How is this possible? A Celebration of Women Writers is a cooperative effort with a clear goal: to promote awareness of the breadth and variety of women's writing. The effort has transcribed hundreds of full length texts to the electronic medium, publishing the previously unknown or unheralded woman writer, along with gems such as Bianchi's poems of Dickinson. The project has resurrected rare volumes, no longer under copyright, and has also provided links to full collections found elsewhere on the internet. Their scope is worldwide and includes writings from 3000BC through the 20th century. There are multiple search options, making this one of the easier sites to navigate and access for those of us with a specific mission and without a lot of time.


A Celebration invites volunteer transcribers -- check out this link for more information and get your fingers in gear.

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