Sunday, July 08, 2007

photos in passage

In the past week, my house has been turned inside out. I've got a laundry room where once there was moldering drywall; the kitchen has a new face, too. Tile, wonderful tile. And the "animal room" is now the study, a big-windowed reserve looking out onto my wild patio with its assembly of bird feeders, wild petunias, shrimp plant, hammock and the antics of raccoons and squirrels.

Meanwhile my birds and the bunny are sequestered in the square box that was formerly my office, waiting for freedom. Books are everywhere. Dust is in my eyes, my sinuses, in my hair follicles and skin pores, etched on the surface of the hardwood floors, clinging to every dish, every knickknack, each centimeter of space.

But I'm happy.

Here's the look of the bare floors on the day of completion:

The kitchen and laundry room

Ann's Study

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