Sunday, July 29, 2007

Not Forgotten

The Muses have filled my life
With delight.
And when I die I shall not be forgotten.

Sappho reading.

The image is from a Temple University Humanities course.

Here's the descriptive text:

Athens 1260
red-figure hydria by the Group of Polygnotos.
ARV(2) 1260.145
440-430 bce

In the center, a seated woman, reading. On the left a companion holding a wreath over the reader's head. On the right, a companion holding out a lyre, and a third companion. On the wall, two more wreaths. [Immerwahr's] reading of the names agrees with Halbherr's: NIKOPOLIS for the companion on the left, KALLIS for the lyre carrier, for the third companion, uninscribed. The reader's name is on her right: SAPPWS, with space for one letter before, but no letter is visible.

Significant words on the rolled part of the scroll: EPEA PTEROETA.

Significant words on the open sheet: THEOI HERIWN EPEWN ARKHOMAI.

(Pararphrased from Immerwahr: 1964, p.26)

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