Friday, May 19, 2006

Muddy Days

It's really a wonderful afternoon, some uncommon breeze, the shrimp plants are in blooom outside this window, the light-dark overlay of leaves, the quiet of napping animals, all of it lulls me. I made a pact with myself to be calm. Because I'm worried about Antioch and the financial aid. L.A. is a long way from Florida and what was a bold adventure is starting to rattle me as an asinine, costly mistake. No definite answers from anyone and Eloise Klein Healy is retiring, dammit. Now I ask whether my disgruntlement over that coming event is directly related to the loose ends of the student loan processing.

These last few days I've been bitchy with a flu bug. Stayed out of work yesterday and most of today. Something is missing. I'm enervated. Come home and fall asleep at the computer. Maybe I'm just sick. Maybe I'm just sick of.

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