Saturday, February 18, 2006

The Most Serene Republic

(Italian: Serenissima Repubblica di San Marino or San Marino) The Most Serene Republic of San Marino is the third smallest European country, behind Vatican City and Monaco. Its language is Italian, the prevalent religion is Roman Catholic and its citizens use the Euro for currency.

Interesting facts: The small collective hails itself as the most ancient republic in the world with a start date of 301 A.D. The national anthem carries the voices of instruments only. Postage stamps and tourism are the country's main sources of revenue.

Traditions include the biannual election of two Captains Regent, who serve from opposing parties for six months and then leave their post for civilian life. More interestingly, after leaving office, citizens have the opportunity to present their grievances to the former Captains Regent on a peer basis for a limited time. Very interesting! Imagine the lines waiting for Bush!

The state collection of Modern and Contemporary Art is located in the city of San Marino. The gallery has about 750 standing pieces of art, including this one, called "Plumcake" which looks to me like two widgets spewing paint at three Beatle heads on an easel.

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