Sunday, August 07, 2005

Moving Links

It's a tedious grind. But I'm slowly moving all my links from my original blog to this one. Not just links but a whole bunch of posts. I do like BlogSpirit & will miss the ease of creating links - without having to go into the template - and the variety of template designs and colors - unlike Blogger's constrained, factorymade designs. But the place no longer offers any tech support - something I griped about a few months ago - unless the blogger pays for it. The little tech support they offered at their start-up was crippled by a communication problem, as BlogSpirit is a French entity and even if their English translations are ten times better than my French efforts, they are still problematic. Now, in addition to lack of free support, the Comments field is being infiltrated with hundreds and hundreds of spammers. Even with Comments Closed, there they lie, taking up airspace, waiting for me to go in and manually reject each. So a bittersweet Goodbye to BlogSpirit.

Anyone who has linked to my blog from BlogSpirit, please change it to this Blogger address.

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