Sunday, August 07, 2005

Blog Drop Out

Robin Kemp says blogging distracts her from writing anything substantial, and is absenting herself from the rolls. She makes sense. I agree with her. I've just spent 20 minutes adding new names to my list of bloggers & then patiently arranging them in alpha order. That's 20 minutes that I've not read a page of Bonny Barry Sanders book, Touching Shadows (Val Verde Press). It's 20 minutes in which I haven't completed that Very Important Letter to the Open Campus President regarding Kalliope. It's 20 minutes in which I've not walked the paths of Four Corners Park or given my bunny his greens or checked my clothes for work romorrow or taken the recycle bin to the curb.

It's 20 minutes in which my brain has concentrated its processes on Kemp's reasoning, and my determination to rebut her remarks; 20 minutes of maybe wasted time but who knows?; 20 minutes when I looked into my own blogging, considered my own time as valuable or lost; 20 minutes in which words are scudding up like the froth of tides, given form and purpose and waiting to spill. The thing is - the process of blogging is more than blogging.


nolapoet said...

I'll tell ya something, Ann... I duped all the text of my entries (no one's comments/threads that developed), and it ran to 77 pages.

If the self-proclaimed "raw" blog served any purpose, it did make me write a substantial amount of stuff (albeit nonfiction), about half of which is worth keeping.

And I got to meet neat people like you...and a couple of others who I had no idea read the blog.

Maybe more later!

Steven said...

Tell me about it, for the last 2 months I've not had the strength to do any blogging because of the intensive thesis writing I've been doing. It made me wonder, how much mental energy and hours a day does the Internet consume? But that's dangerous thinking, nothing exists outside the Internet :~)

Ann said...

Robin -
77 pages is formidable - how do you translate that into other things of value like time? or money? or publishing credits? or the development of friendships?
I hope to hear from you again. I'm still wondering what "nola" means.

Ann said...

Steven, the internet is inevitable. All we need now are the holograms & we're set!