Monday, June 06, 2005


Yesterday was my birthday.

I'd been waiting for some bit of determined thought. A week went by but nothing came. I woke early for a Sunday. Sunshine split thru the slats of the mini blinds. On my feet, outside, a perfect blue and white Florida morning. There are moments when nothing but a noise, some gurgle of primal cheer, is right. This was that day - the occasion of my 53rd birthday - bathed and feted by a Florida sun.

I was out of words. But for one, which had been arriving over the past two days like a puzzle clue, buried in text or overheard, until the synchronicity was so apparent that I could no longer ignore it. The word is "rejoice." I take it as my mantra. Rejoice is to "be glad, happy or delighted; to be full of joy." It also means "to make glad, delight.."

JUST IN... packages from Goddard and Warren Wilson.

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