Thursday, April 07, 2005

Those damn curls, those damn dots

"Punctuation is where the emotion lies."

That's what Michael Schiavo says over at his blog.

Perhaps this is just the thing to save me from the tyranny of those damn dots & curls. Yes! I choose a colon because I want a fullstop to this thoughtform but don't go away, don't prepare yourself for a contrary concept or some alternative direction. I am still exploring. More to come.

Of course, I could never get my rationale past the Pundits of Punctuation.

T.E. Ballard reprimands herself for writing shit and falling short of the National Poetry Month collective vow to write a poem-a-day. Collective as in most every American poet-blogeur has joined the quest, something like NaNoWriMo in verse. But T.E. Ballard has fallen upon the curse of the singing dolls, which suck poetry out of her head... funny in a outloud laughing way~

On a whole 'nother thread: I've been over at Cynthia Huntington's blog, Love & Salt, just reading her posts and long long poems - how does she sustain them? My attention cannot craft for extended duration. Does it all come at once for her?

She writes of her brother - his travails (and her shared) and the mystery of his life. So obvious she cares about him but cannot give away more energy. Reminds me of Martin and my purposeful exit from his life. Not for the same reasons. For reasons that I question, when I look at the balance. How do people prioritize love and friendship and personal integrity?

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