Friday, December 19, 2008

Day Seven

The long program is winding down. Final Residency at Antioch. Tonight in this box of a hotel room, energy is turning into inertia. The muscle cramp in my left shoulder is a loud scream. The adobe flats cheap print above the desk is running down the cheap wallpapered wall. O. The good things: two new books (First Cities, Hacker & School of the Arts, Doty); Rob Montoya's excellent workshop on the treatment of water in the work of Wallace Stevens, Jorie Graham and Dan Beachy-Quick; Lisa McCool Grime's Five Step Critical Response Tool; Jenny Factor's list of triggers in conjunction with her presentation on the 17th c metaphysical poets. Hunger. Hunger without the colly wobbles. Forward: a contract -- keep the discipline going after the fall. The fall: returning to Florida. I'm really too tired to be writing.

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