Saturday, November 29, 2008

Vastness of Mumbai

These past few days, the terror in Mumbai has been in my livingroom. It's come to me in a rush of voices, sounds and scenes. There was no escaping the immediacy of the ruthless terror. And there should be no escape. As a person of the world who honors life, my heart is with the people of Mumbai.

For anyone who ever doubted the power of the internet, let that doubt float away. It is what joins all of us, wherever we live, whatever our station or ambition or view or activity. Through the internet, I found Twitter, a microblog of one-line remarks from the people of Mumbai, and others around the world. Through Twitter, I am learning Mumbai. Not just its geographical location, as the Wiki map describes. But the people of Mumbai - their anger against their politicians, their compassion for one another, their passionate concern for their city and for each other.

The power of internet has been much discussed, in more articulate terms than mine. Here is what it brings.

Mumbai Help blog with lists of injured and deceased; Embassy links; calls for help; international, national and local contacts

Live Feed NDTV

Second Day of Terror

The Taj

Solapur - Shahid Ashok Kamate

Aftermath - CST and here

Bangladore Mirror profile on captured 18 year-old terrorist

grisly photos from the Boston Globe

coverage from the NY Times

coverage from the BBC

...the government of Pakistan attaches the highest importance to friendly and good neighborly relations with India. --PAK Foreign Minister 11-30-2008

Wall Street Journal coverage

Map of attacked Mumbai sites

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