Wednesday, November 05, 2008

The Numbers

Taking a micro look at this historic election: in the city where I live, an area that is the largest in the state due to consolidation; a mixture of bungalow neighborhoods, chic beach houses, day laborers, insurance sales, high tech development; an area that hosts a law school, two universities, an octopus of a community college; here in this mix of Georgia immigrants and Northern transplants and rare natives; where a retired couple lives next to young professionals who live next door to single lesbians and coupled males, where horses stand in stables off the interstate and fancy hens and roosters graze in a vacant lot in the middle of old suburbia and where block after block of historic homes rise in dramatic irony to the homeless shelters just a mile away - here in Duval County Florida, Barack Obama lost the election by 4,998 votes.

DUVAL COUNTY, all the votes are counted. Here is how it looks:
John McCain - 197,171 -- 50.3%
Barack Obama - 192, 173 -- 49.1%
Other Candidates -- 2,403 -- .6%

STATEWIDE, the margin flipped but remained just as narrow:
Barack Obama - 4,066,978 -- 50.9%
John McCain - 3,868,210 -- 48.4%
Other Candidates -- 59,804 -- .7%

Hooray and Hallelujah!! Florida turned BLUE.

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