Sunday, August 05, 2007

Women + Work + Anger = Low salary

Unemotional women and angry men are likely to be rewarded by higher salaries. This is one of the findings of a Reuters report reproduced on

The article leads off with this statement: "A man who gets angry at work may well be admired for it but a woman who shows anger in the workplace is liable to be seen as "out of control" and incompetent, according to a new study presented Friday."

This comes as no news to me where dissembling is a dramatic form of management behavior in the most literal sense, leading to flat affect and often mistaken for pretense. Such forced (or learned) skewing of emotional expression by women in the workplace reinforces the "hysteria" inclination long attributed to women.

But for women in management, the placidity has a payoff. Reuters says that "Unemotional women were assigned on average $55,384 compared to $32,902 for the angry ones."

This is such an odd tranfiguration. Females leave your emotions at home; males can empty them at work. The monetary reward is one of those perverted gender parities.

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