Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Full Stop: Flamenco

Every once in awhile, I like to swim around in the blog ocean just to see what waves and riffs are surfacing.

That's how I found Luna Park, surfing off another journal's links. Luna Park is a collective blog which reviews little magazines as a media arm of CLMP. Current offerings include short takes on Black Warrior Review, Pushcart 2007, and the newest issues of Hanging Loose and Versal.

The blog Ulalations, appears as a pink-faced, celebrity slanted journal with an anime/greeting card amalgam, a sketch of Johnny Depp, a video performance of the blogger and friends doing a rip off on "Favorite Things." But be patient. In the archives there is a wonderful collection of videos.

If you enjoy flamenco - the gypsy flamenco - then you'll be rewarded by a wonderful string of utube videos featuring flamenco dancers accompanied by vocalists and guitarists, wearing down wood floor of a rehearsal hall or a tile piazza with their hard heels and "dove" hands; their restraint and precision and passion synchronized with perfect breath and step. The men look downward at the woman's feet, locked in her rhythm, clapping hard and fast, stamping their feet and singing with hoarse exuberance, calling out their praise. All the women are beautiful. And the passion is complete. There's nothing else like it.

Here's my favorite. It goes for over eight minutes, and still the woman is dancing...Click on the MENU thing and you'll get another treat - a whole series of utube videos with still more flamenco. This just stopped me in my browsing tracks.


Nada said...

The sketch is a self-portrait of the artist Courbet, who bears an uncanny resemblance to Johnny Depp.

My blog is not celebrity-slanted.

Ann said...

Nada, yes the resemblance to Depp is uncanny.

Thanks for commenting.