Friday, September 08, 2006

Denton Suicide, II

I've asked why. What made Denise Denton jump from a 42-story building to surely end her life? Depression, her mother says. Well she was a smart woman, why not take drugs to stop the depression? Well, she was a smart woman, that's why not to take drugs. Any chemical swimming in neuromatter affects all neuromatter, not just some little isolated speck of the brain. She was a smart woman, and knew. She was a smart woman and knew that her efforts at creating equal spaces in academe for other smart woman would always be disturbed by small-minded pranksters like Carolyn Baker, whose mean-spirited diatribe on Denise Denton ran in a local UC Santa Cruz web newsletter under "Police State." Baker's spite, titled: "Come on Folks, Why are we hurting Chancellor Denise Denton?" found the really gritty issues and highlighted them with grade school caricature. Denton was a clotheshorse. Shame on her! Denton went to MIT. Shame on her! Denton called the police (according to Baker) to a student Tent City. Shame on her! Denton was smart. Shame on her! Denton was ambitious. Shame on her! Denton was a lesbian. Shame on her! I can imagine the depression Denton must've felt. More futility than depression. Depression is liveable. Futility is not.

Here's that bright & promising female student's final word on Denise Denton, written as supposedly sly conclusion to her little jibe :
In closing, I just hope Denice finds it in her heart to forgive us of our wrongdoings. What kind of cowards and bullies are we to attack such a kind-hearted, fragile woman who stands for diversity, safety, career opportunities, and color coordination? I apologize and ask for forgiveness. God bless you, Chancellor…and shame on you UCSC students!
I wonder if this was the last straw, the final why not for Denton.

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