Saturday, September 30, 2006

The Clinton Excitement

I watched former Pres. Clinton on utube the day before Fox snatched the videos and then restored them without comment a day later. His presentation was disappointing only because it ripped to shreds the dispassionate game that's usually played among the politicians. Disappointing only to those who believe the aura of professionalism - dissemination - and BS ought to be maintained as some kind of ground rule for public discourse of very important matters.

He was pissed off and he showed his anger & he will be ripped for it. Talk about a red herring.

I haven't done any fact-checking. I'll leave that to the ones who have a thesis to prove. It's not really of much importance to me what Clinton did in his administration. What's important is what the jerk in office is doing RIGHT NOW. He is a liar and there is no way to get away from the fact that he lied about WPM, his premise for invading Iraq. He needs to go. The war needs to stop. People need to live in harmony. What else matters?

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