Saturday, August 26, 2006

Tattoo polyphony

L.A. is coming. Yes, four months away but I'm going to be prepared this time & have my tat ready. Just so I can have synchronicity intervene again to give me the "right" character, as it did in June.

In this quest, I've found some wonderful spots on the internet map discussing Chinese characters, the language, its richness and meaning. I started here and got an overview of the glyphs plus some links. I travelled to this site, and found such a goldmine of information! I kept travelling through links and found one related to Chinese families and genealogies, another one that explains kinship terms and the complex family structure and its linguistic effect on the language.

I haven't found a tatto character yet. But to investigate the formation of the Chinese language through its smallest units - the characters - go to this webpage, with a fairly accessible discussion for nonlinguists.

Still looking, I ran across some wonderful Mozilla toolbar extensions: FoxLingo and Hanzibar.

Still looking... The hummingbird is what I want.

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