Thursday, July 13, 2006


Eloise Klein Healy, founder of the MFA in Creative Writing Low Residency Program at Antioch Los Angeles (AULA), decided to retire from AULA, making the June 2006 Residency her final one. Hers is the finest reason to "retire" - to dedicate herself to her writing. One of the first conversations I had with Eloise, when she welcomed me to Antioch, I recall her saying: "I have lots of poetry in me." I am looking forward to that poetry.

From the purely selfish perspective, I am sad that Eloise won't continue on the faculty, and be available as a faculty mentor during my time at AULA. But juxtapose this with the privilege I experienced being included in Eloise's final Residency Poetry Workshops. Then again, I now know what I'll be missing,... agh

Anyway, here's a shot of Eloise the last evening of the Residency after our Closing Conversation.

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