Saturday, July 22, 2006

another one of those addictive internet things

Someone over at AULA posted a link to this. I went there, and instantly was hooked. So bibliophiles beware! If you go to LibraryThing, expect the same addiction.

This is somebody's cool idea to create an online database for all your books and it's still in Beta testing. Well that doesn't sound exciting - lots of work - and for what? But like most of the hyperlinked world, if you've got an ISBN or even an old Library of Congress number, your book pops up and you simply click the link to add it to your personal library. There are extensions for instant additions anywhere on the net too.

Yet another community-building tool of like-minded people - we all love our books. One day, when all the paper books are no longer published, all of us LibraryThingers can at least have each other and share memories of favorite book covers.

There's also instant community of sorts. You get to see who has your books - and what other books they have that you might need as well - the circle that never ends begins.

I reached 200 books the other day & had the choice of stopping in midstream (so many books to go!) or buying a membership.

This morning before I turn the computer on, I've collected a little pile of books for entering... so many books still to go. And this is an especially unavoidable activity for those of us who are easily distracted. I've got to stop and skim all those dusty titles or the new ones I haven't gotten to yet. Stop and do a little reading, get excited about something, get waylaid. I'll never get anything done now!

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