Monday, May 29, 2006

Fears of flying

June 15th will soon be here and the aspect of flying is begininng to grab hold and shake me. The flight from Jax to Houston is less than an hour. That means low sailing and unbearable noise. The ears... the ears. Oh god the ears again! And no one to talk me into a state of calm. No one to turn to as my ears explode. No one to tell me "It's OK Ann!" or "Breathe" or "Relax" - no mantra buddy for me. So I'm doing some research. The ENT doctor tells me to use Afrin 30 minutes before the flight but don't overdo it. I think a regimen of Allegra a week before is called for too. Yes, for this, I'll do the drugs. A book at Chamblin's the other day gave me a take onboard last ditch cure for exploding ears: a thermos of hot water and two soft pads. Soak pads in the hot water and hold them to my ears. The heat reduces the eardum. Pain is relieved. Ears do not burst. Ann is saved. A mantra buddy sure would help, nothing better than that hand to squeeze, those rational eyes.

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