Sunday, May 07, 2006

AULA around the corner

The residency is five weeks away and I'm still rounding up funds and working out logistics. I'll share a hotel room at LAX Plaza with Barbara, who's already made the reservation & ordered a fridge for the room. Looks like I can get a loaner laptop from the college but I'll have to charge my plane ticket since the offered Bonus Miles aren't available. Pet care is done - thanks to my marvelous friends who volunteered for a big job (pet family of six over 11 days). Yesterday I sorted thru all my poetry notebooks, trashed duplicates, organized poems into Completed, New & Needs Work, and Ready for Submission Somewhere. I found a version of my chapbook & really need to get it out again for publishing. I missed the deadline for a Poetry Reading at the Residency though. Meanwhile, I'm waiting on a package from AULA with the final Residency Schedule. Yesterday my assigned Antioch Buddy, Maureen, sent me an introductory email, and the day before that, I downloaded the AULA software for email & conferencing. I still wish that Manx could go with me to L.A. Sounds silly, I know. Now I'm wondering silly things like: what kind of clothing should I take? and how much is a salad in L.A.? and will they have a coffee maker in the hotel room?

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