Wednesday, April 12, 2006

online ethics

This morning, I've been banging my e-head against the e-monolith, AOL, in an attempt to discover why they are bouncing my emails. Seems they don't like one of the web addresses in my signature line. It's either Blogger or Blogspirit that they've decided to ban. So I go to my old Blogspirit account, thinking to close the whole thing down since I don't blog there anymore. But they've denied me access too because my email address is no longer in their database. What that means is there are tw of my blogspirit weblogs that are accessible to the blogspirit administration but not to me. That's not good.

So the whole concept of "ownership" as in copyright holding online is thrown out the window. If the medium owns the message then we are now heading in a scary direction with our wonderful internet.

all I have toime for....

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