Thursday, April 13, 2006

NaPoWriMo 6-7-8

Spying like Emily

Sitting on my front porch this morning
amid the squeals and squeaks,
a small bird casts its quick shadow
on the winding sidewalk, patting its flat feet
around the bend of orange red yellow lantana,
darting into a thicket of buddleia, then out;
sharp-angled, well-groomed, sienna-toned
and ribbon-tailed, its beak meant for pecking.
Epitome of chipper, curious and brave,
my friend escapes into the warm hands of a green Friday.

retro-napowrimo #8

Good Friday

Let’s talk about redemption,
that ole Christian mantra
of torture, crucify & sunrise.
What happens for example:
if Judas returns,
or Herod keeps you,
and you never die?

retro-napowrimo #7

It’s a pistachio without
that opened curve,
the kernel sealed in a tomb.

It’s that beautiful flower -
the violet, the rose - that never
blooms under your hand.

It’s the sink of dishes,
bills in the mailbox,
the flaking paint, plaster falling.

It’s the uncaught joke, irony missed;
an ill-used metaphor,
that puzzled look.

It’s the lost word, swimming in memory;
it’s the same fantasy again.
Says Sappho: “another day, another suck.”

napowrimo #6

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