Saturday, March 18, 2006

AULA acceptance

I was rushing thru the house one morning last week. There was the phone in its cradle with the red light flashing. What the hell. I stop and pick up my messages. I'm already running late for work, what can another minute or two matter (this is Ann's logic of determination)? There's a voice I've not heard before. It's Eloise Klein Healy who left me a message that put a big dopey smile on my face. She told me of my acceptance into Antioch Unversity's MFA in Creative Writing program. Healy founded the program. How do I talk about her without sounding obsequious? Here's her official AULA bio. We spoke on the phone that evening and again, I'm sure I lapsed into dopiness. There were a few things I recall though. Her tags for a poet's success (we didn't even use that word): perserverance, public readings and rewrites.

... that kind of pure glee is hard to sustain over the course of a week. Hey - it was slipping by noon that day.

But I am most excited. At the same time, there's a wall to scale. The program begins in June, and I've got a million arrangements to make, logistics to organize and funds to discover. I need a laptop and a cellphone and a plane ticket. But I am so very happy. I'd put this off for years, literally years. Then when it began to color itself as reality, there were choices. My picks came down to Goddard, Warren Wilson & StoneCoast - in addition to Antioch - as each excelled in reputation for the Low Res MFA.

Antioch, of course, is on the other side of the country, and of course, I have no family or friends in LA. good going Ann... well.

Spring Break is here & I'm beginning Stage II: finding money. Ideas anyone?


nolapoet said...

Hooray! Congratulations!

Warren Wilson cost me my house and my retirement savings and added to my student loan debt. Thus ended my brief flirtation with private educational institutions. I graduated from UNO.

I can only suggest that you take out a student loan. Fish for grants through the Foundation Center. Or try for Stanford if their new nobless oblige extends to nontraditional female poets. I have not yet reduced myself to table dancing, but that may be next.

Ann said...

Robin - ha ha table dancing you say? That would cost me more than pay. I'm such a klutz. Anyway, yes, looks like uncle sam will be footing the bill and then I'll be indebted to him. Does that make me a true patriot?