Friday, February 24, 2006

Phillipines under state of emergency

The Phillipines is under a state of emergency following an attempted military coup against President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo on Feb. 24. Following the explosion of a can of laquer thinner outside its perimeter, the MalacaƱang Palace was put under heavy guard. Reports state that a military leader planned to lead troops to a peaceful demonstration and announce his opposition to Arroyo in hopes of overthrowing her presidency. This same officer, whom she had arrested, was also involved in a bloody uprising against Corazon Aquino during her presidency.

President Arroyo issued moratoriums on all school activities and then proclaimed the state of emergency.

According to the Phillipine-based news source, INQ7, Arroyo said communist guerrillas and right-wing "military adventurists" were "now in a tactical alliance and engaged in a concerted and systematic conspiracy, over a broad front, to bring down the duly constituted government elected in May 2004."

This uprising corresponds to the 20th anniversery of the coup which toppled the former Phillipine ruler, Ferdinand Marcos. Thousands of peaceful demonstrators were assembled at Makati City to commemorate the EDSA People Power Revolution. Among those present was Corazon Aquino. This was to be the location of the military coup.

More specific information can be found at the BBC and INQ7.

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