Sunday, December 11, 2005

and Nod

Lil Darlin
Originally uploaded by _zendo.
the kittie's gotta sleep.


LKD said...

A calico. She's beautiful, Ann. How did she come into your life? Do you call her Manx because she's a tail-less cat?

I had a calico kittycat when I was a child named Patches. Poor Patches was an outside cat, the first and last in my family because we learned just how risky it can be for a cat to be an indoor/outdoor feline. She climbed up into the engine of my father's car one very cold November morning and he started it without knowing she was in there. She was still alive, barely, badly cut up and bleeding when she fell out screaming. The vet put her down because she was critically injured. Needless to say, every cat after poor Patches has been an indoor cat.

Ann said...

aaww that's such a sad story Laurel.

My kittie is a Manx, and she's a give-away kittie, adopted while I was at the neighborhood grocery store one Saturday morning, getting cream for my coffee. I'm crazy for getting her! But she is such a sweet, loving kitten that I forgive myself.