Saturday, November 19, 2005

The Truth Will Set You Free

I arrived at this blog after reading the author's comment over at this morning's AlterNet reprint of Murtha's remarks. Well of course, money and war go hand in hand. Like my mother told me: war is another way to manipulate the economy. Yes, I had a Smart Mom. She understood how money is power. And its obverse. That's why after enduring my father's business bankruptcy, she enrolled in college, got a degree and worked her butt off for the next 20-odd years. Money. Power. Control over her destiny. It's why she never advised me to marry & give her a bunch of grandkids. Instead she said: "You can be whatever you want."

silly pontificating edited out
The old argument between capitalist and socialist will go on & on and not be resolved. To say "yes" to reality and then move along, in the zen sense of detachment, is about the best resolution I can imagine.

But I didn't mean to go off on this tangeant at all.

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