Sunday, November 20, 2005

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Yesterday was my mother's birthday. She would've been 81. All my friends are suffering the malady of the adult child. M's father passed away last week. He was 93. When I met with J last night, she talked about her father. Two of his teeth fell out of his gums one day. Which is better: a sudden death that shocks as I experienced or the long illness of J's father? Neither of us knows the answer. She worries about our old friend who moved away and then visited a few weeks ago. "I hadn't seen her in ten years," she said. I'm shocked. "Really?" I ask over and over. She takes me literally. Is perturbed that I question her. "No," I explain, "it just just surprises me." I'd imagined they were in correspondence, had soirees and camp-outs, kayaking adventures together. Our communication sucks. Birthdays float by. Parents weaken. Preferences shift.

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