Monday, November 07, 2005


It caught my attention from the first visit. Not the content, but the design of Perihelion. Then again, this design element, the combined keyboard symbols, is content. And that's what captures me each time I visit, before I enter to the magazine proper. It's the semiotics of the site, the sense that a new language is approaching. Esperanza never made it. English requires memorization. It's clunky and linear and without a natural rhythm. That's a little path of digression because what I intended to say was that English as the universal language is a poor choice. Why not reduce it to (keyboard) symbols without voice? Well, lots of reasons (I answer myself). But for code, for basic communication, visuals always stick and are less culturally-dependent. Well, this is just the start of an idea that I don't have time to complete this morning. Onto Perihelion's content.

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