Friday, November 11, 2005

the miracle of

I'm glad to have this work week behind me. I was heading toward a meltdown with multiple deadlines and knowing there was no way I could accomplish them all. Snapped at a senior faculty member. Missed two meetings. Couldn't tolerate the noise of the reception area. But the strangest thing happened when my office supply order finally arrived. I pulled my desk organizer out of the Office Depot box, stuck it on my desk, filled it with files and voila! I was saved. OCD has been tempered. Wait - is it OCD or just needing some damn organization? Yes, that's it. I broke down & asked the Dean for assistance with priorities. Hated doing that, admitting a need for help. Then her answer wasn't what I wanted to hear, as she devalued the projects that most interested me and pointed me toward the boring, tedious ones. That was my problem anyway. I don't like boring & tedious (encoding classes). I prefer writing the minigrant proposals, researching, interacting with students, moving moving moving.

But now onto a long weekend.

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