Sunday, November 13, 2005

Jean Houston's Ecology

I have discovered that if you mix cuisines you change the templates of consciousness, and, in a curious way find yourself in nature's own garden of healthy diversity and evolution. This is not exactly to say that a limited cuisine limits the mind and its matters, but rather that greater variety in foods and their fixing quickens the centers of awareness to potentials and perspectives not generally known to those whose diet is limited to regional equivalents of bread, meat, and potatoes

This sampling of Jean Houston's remarks are found in her treatise on nature and recall the words "lumpen" and "proletariat" though I haven't made a serious attempt at linkage. There is some order and logic in my thoughts regardless. The entire essay is unusual for its draft-esque presentation. There are misspellings and syntax errors, and this gives the impression of a midnight brainstorm improved upon but incomplete. There's even a portion where she's made a note to find research! only slightly similar to my lumpen/proletariat parallel.

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