Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Once again: your fav low res MFA program?

I have decided to bite the bullet and get myself an MFA, probably in Creative Writing so I'll address more than one genre, even though poetry will be my primary focus.

Now, which one of the numerous low residency programs do I enter? Any ideas, readers?

Here are the ones I'm currently considering with a how-come:

Stonecoast at the U of So. Maine - Annie Finch, Director
Goddard College - emphasizes diversity; Jan Clausen.
Warren Wilson - it's in Asheville; first low res writing program around; it gets high marks from various sources; it's in Asheville.
Antioch College, L.A. - it's Antioch! Eloise Klein Healy.

Of course, there's also Vermont, which is becoming less magnetizing nowadays. And if it comes down to it, there's UNF in my backyard.

So Writers Who want to Teach & Publish, who have an MFA or are working on one, what's your favorite low res MFA program & how come?

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