Monday, May 02, 2005

The poet's guitar

Duende is pre-verbal. I understand why Lorca called it a struggle, his wrestling with duende. Because it’s this wild, animalistic thing that does not escape, it fierces its way out of the body, the body must make way,. must be the channel, and the guitar tries lamely to give structure, to net the voice, the blood energy of the duende, to make it into something manageable. Words - the naming - are the poet's guitar.


Anonymous said...

Hi Ann,

This is Albert from Eratosphere. Thanks for bringing up duende on Eratosphere. I've just found your blog after I went to your profile on Eratosphere to send you an e mail there. I've been hoping for a conversation with anyone about duende since I first read Lorca's book three years ago. although since I started using Eratosphere it hadn't occured to me to start a topic on it there. I'll add some thoughts here afer I've I've read your comments here thoroughly.

Ann said...

Hi Albert,

Check out A Burning Patience blog for a Lorca entry:

I'm probably just as intrigued with this as you are. I mentioned over at Eratosphere that I'd just ordered Lorca's book & a collection of his poems.