Sunday, May 22, 2005

Lorca: Some Souls

Some Souls...
February 8, 1920

Some souls
have blue stars,
mornings pressed
between leaves of time,
and chaste corners
with an ancient
murmur of nostaglia
and dreams.

Other souls have
suffering phantoms
of passion. Fruits
worm-eaten. Echoes
of a burnt voice
that come in
from a distance
like a current
of shadow. Memories
empty of lament.
Crumbs of kisses.

My soul has long
been ripe; it decays,
murky with mystery.
Childish stones
gnawed by illusion
fall on the waters
of my thought.
Every stone says:
"God is far away!"

-Frederico Garcia Lorca
From Book of Poems, first published in 1921 by Lorca's parents.

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