Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Ulysses - Page a Day

Just found this. Botheration blog is reprinting James Joyce's Ulysses, a page a day in honor of something to do with the author. It's at page 315 already and it ends in June of 2006. Sheesh! I've got a lot of backtracking - looking for poor dog's body, looking for the ineluctible modality of the visible.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Ann,

(This is Albert again. Having trouble getting a blogger account.)

Bloomsday is lots of fun. You can be entertained watching parts of Ulysses being performed. No need at all to read the book before the events. It's every June 16th. There are Bloomsday celeberations all over the place. I've just posted this link because it has a good description of what the day is about. Once you've seen parts of Ulysses performed, and parts of Finnegans Wake given a reading, Joyce makes a lot more sense.