Monday, March 14, 2005

Red Booth Takes One

I found a pleasant email for lunch: W.T. Pfefferle with Red Booth Review accepted Slow Season. Sure enough, the poem is up at the site already, and he may also include it in the end of year print edition.

SS is one of the first of my Rumiesque verses. I wrote it several years ago when I was heavily immersed in the new adventures of JB. I can see myself sitting in the rocker near the front windows looking out at the azaleas and having it come to me.

Tara liked it, critiqued it and encouraged me to enter it in the NPAC competition. Turns out someone else liked it too & it placed First, tying with a poem of Tara's.

I'm happy. To top the day, I picked-up a phone message from Jan Bevin telling me I would be a featured poet with her at a gathering next Sunday.. WOW what's this? Something to do with Kalliope. I will learn more.

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