Saturday, February 26, 2005

Dead Mule Accepts Three

Got an email acceptance from Val MacEwan at The Dead Mule School of Southern Literature. She'll be publishing three of my poems in the July 2005 issue. That's five months away but I'm happy for the news nonetheless.

The poems include The Baseball, a playful short piece that I originally wrote in an online poetry class, Sestina of Sailing, which uses a phrase given to me by Joan when I needed a prompt, and The Family of Geese, inspired by the same that I met on my workday walk at the college's retention pond. The last two poems were both ripped at an online workshop to the point where I got gun-shy about participating in any online workshop, and even less sure of my abilities as a poet. I have this odd, ambivalent feeling now about the announcement from Dead Mule. Could it be they accept just anyone? Or did the editor really like the writing? When a publishing announcement raises such doubts, then it's obvious I've got some confidence issues with my writing. The best antidote is for me to get more poems out there and accepted so I can get beyond this self doubt.

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