Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Quint essentials

not tonite
no poetry and the hell with
punctuation - enjambment loose
it's all narrative pain-
fully whine-y for you

it's too easy for you
where ever you are tonite
with a pillow without pain
on the island with
your wife and how loose

is the twine can you loosen
your control at home do you
order emotions with
the same boldness is pain
a memory of some quaint nite

decades back when a nite
alone was enough to lose
your fear did you ride out the pain
like some knight on a steel horse could you
could you get past it with-

out tears or did it come on you with
chills did you throw your heart into the nite
have you forgotten have you
remembered is it loose
I am talking about pain.

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